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Copper River / Chitina Dipnet Fishery Escapement Charts

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Data source: Upper Copper River Salmon Escapement

ADF&G Chitina Personal Use Salmon Fishery

ADF&G Glennallen Subdistrict Subsistence Salmon Fishery

Miles Lake Salmon Counting Sonar Station

Copper River Wikipedia Information

Statewide Fish Count Database Search

Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation

ADF&G Hatcheries

Copper River & NW Railway Archive Photos

IMPORTANT: The Alaska Department of Fish & Game sonar counter that provides this data is approximately 70 miles downriver of the Copper River Personal Use Dipnet Fishery near Chitina. You must account for the time it takes for the salmon to travel that distance in order to be at the right place at the right time. The two week travel time published by Fish & Game is for management purposes only. Salmon travel time upriver is affected by many complex factors, including how high the river is, quick changes in river chemistry, how far into the season it is, and the unique behavior of each particular group of salmon. Travel times can vary from a few days to 3 weeks or more. Use the escapement data table and water level information along with the Trip Planner to help time your trip. Consult the USFWS Eyak fishwheel charts for near real-time indicators of how the pulses are progressing upriver.


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