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Sources: Alaska's Digital Archives and University of Washington Digital Collections

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Sternwheeler in Wood Canyon

First Steamboat on the Copper River, 1908

Copper River and Northwestern Railway Headquarters, Cordova, 1908

Construction of the CR&NW Ry. Wharf, Cordova, 1908

Locomotives #3 and #20 of the CR&NW Ry.

Copper River Railway Engine No. 2

Railway Car and Telegraph Station, CR&NW Ry.

Steam Shovel

Rotary Snow Plow

Copper River Railway Passenger Cars

Observation Car

Between Eyak River and Alganic Slough

Bridge 27A

Miles Glacier, and the Site of the Million Dollar Bridge

Construction of the Million Dollar Bridge

Dedication of the Million Dollar Bridge, 1910

The Million Dollar Bridge

Mile 53

Camp 55

Steamboats at a Copper River Landing

October Morning

Railroad Construction, Abercrombie Canyon

Railroad Construction, Abercrombie Canyon

Abercrombie Canyon, Copper River Railway

Baird Canyon

Mile 103 Tunnel

Work Train. Mile 113

Mile 124 Trestle

Trestle Construction, Mile 136

Railroad Construction, CR&NW Ry.

Rafting Wood Canyon

Wood Canyon Looking Upstream

Upper End of Wood Canyon

Copper River Eddy

Wide View of River with Eddy

40,000 lbs. of Powder

Wood Canyon Railroad Tracks

Construction of the Copper River Railway Crossing Near Chitina

Construction of the Copper River Railway Crossing Near Chitina, 1910

Finished Bridge Near Chitina

Steamboat Landing on Chitina Side of Copper River Bridge

Copper River Railway Switchbacks and Steamboat Landing Near Chitina

Train at Chitina

Chitina Train Station


Confluence of Chitina and Copper River

Tram Across the Copper River

Chitina River Tram

Gilahina River Trestle, CR&NW Ry.

Dipnetting at Mile 55, 1915

Dipnetting Abercrombie Canyon, 1919

Dipping the Copper River, 1917

Dipping Abercrombie Canyon, Copper River

Copper River Fish Camp, 1930's

Copper River Saltery

Railway Cook Tent

Steel Bridge over the Kuskulana River

Kuskulana Bridge, Copper River & Northwestern Railway

Ferry at McCarthy, 1918

Early view of Kennecott Mine

Kennecott Copper Mine ca. 1910

Kennecott Mine

Aerial View of Kennecott Copper Mine

Mine on Ridge above Kennicott

Mother Lode Mine Entrance

Winter View at Top of Tram, Kennicott

"The Bucket Line"


End of the Copper River and Northwestern Railway, Kennicott